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CPU-Z need help


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2 hours ago, ground1556 said:

Do you have a gigabyte Board? I've been able to boot 270-286 BCLK on x58a-oc and x58a-UD7.

yes I have 2 of x58a-oc and it seems to be one of them I gonna need to high bclk

I just like to have water on my mobo,its the reason I use my asus r3e

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2 hours ago, TAGG said:

I have one win 7 install where it doesn't happen, not sure why though... Easiest was for me is to use X58A-OC boot low multi high BCLK and then raise multi in OS :)

I have to say I never have try that,but maybe it will work for me too,its worth a try ?

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8 hours ago, T.Rex said:

when I bench x58 and go to windows and open cpu-z all is okay but if I increases my bclk more then 5x my ratio goes from 21 to 20

in win 7 and xp ,have anyone try that ? I dont know to fix it

cheers carsten

It's a cpu-z bug, the multi isn't really changing it'll still be the same as what you booted in at.

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