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GSkill DDR4/ Ram-pot (ww)


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after I lost my complete 1151v2 hardware due to a wonderful person seeling a defective cpu on ebay I decided to exit overclocking and memory testing for good. It was only the last push into a direction I already moved to, so I sell most of my remaining stock


1. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-4133C17

Maybe best a2 kit I ever saw and had, got it directly from gskill, retail. there seems to be nothing it can´t do. Tested for 4133 12-11 waza tight on mocf at 1,95v BIOS (not minimized) and it can clearly do more, imc limited with 7600K I did 4240 air 12-11 gb3 and xtu on mocf as well, 4266 12-11 on apex XI no problem (CB11.5, CB15 ), 4800 C14-13 easy at 2v, easy 4600c17 plus daily below 1,5v and so on. in box with sticker

20190305_1631568xj0u.jpgscreen018m7jm2.jpg  screen04602kp1.jpg 4133gtzr2400c14gb3tig20kbo.jpg

2. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-4266C19

Very good low voltage kit, I tested it for 32m on apex xi 1,98v not minimized (no MOCF at hand), cb15 4266 12-12 2,055v Bios, 4800C14 1,97v GB3. Also testing for daily oc at very tight settings 4600 17-17-17-37 at 1,5v, not minimized. In box with sticker

20190305_163204a8jp2.jpg 4266gtzr4800c14wkjbi.jpg 4266gtzr4266cb152knkgk.jpg 4266gtzr4133c12spi32m80kqv.jpg

3. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4133C19GTZC

Strong kit, Checked for waza 4k on impact a while ago (didn´t try higher on daily runner) , will definitely do more, 4133, 4200 up to 4260 C12-12 GB3/XTU etc 2,02v-2,14v on Apex X and XI. in box with sticker

20190305_1632148rkxh.jpg413312-12gb32.02v23j7g.jpg  426012-12gb3214vt8j5o.jpg

4, Intel Pentium G3220 (s.1150)

Works, got this pretested from a friend to do good bclk and very good on imc, but never checked more than that it works bc of lack of time. Tray


5. EK Waterblocks sf3d memory pot

One heatspreader screw is missing but easily replacable and it also works without this, pot itself is insulated with armaflex. in Box

20190305_163233zrjma.jpg 20190121_161553mnkhe.jpg


Prices (shipping not included)

1. 400 Euros sold

2. 285 Euros sold

3. 250 Euros sold

4. 20 Euros sold

5. 35 Euros sold


Items are located in germany, payment with paypal (gift payment) or bank transfer in germany. EU shipping will be around 15 Euros, for non eu please get a quote





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Although I really do not need them, I will take n.1 - The best of the best :)

I owe it to myself and to one of the best folks I have made acquaintance with. The true backbone of HWBOT with Alby and a couple of others.

Pm tonight. And money tonight.

All the best,

George :)


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