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WTB DEAD mobos and gpus, and cpus. USA


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I am going to be doing some arts and  crafts and need a bunch of dead large PCBs. If anyone with a relationship with vendors could hook me up with a box of unfixable mobo and GPUs it'd be the best day ever.  

large quantities of old ram and cpus would be good too.

bonus points for old colored PCB like teal and red with lots of logos, traces, engineering values  . UV reactive pcie and dimm slots.


really doesnt need careful packaging. Looking to get these as cheap as possible so US would be preferred but if anyone has cheap shipping methods thatd be fine too.


I am going to be cutting them down to under an inch thickness(IO panel components) and submerging them in epoxy for table tops and cutting boards, wrist wrests, and all sorts of things.

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