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Single stage Phase change Unit by Nachtfalke


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Hi all,

Bought this superb ( one of a kind ) SS from here :


The unit operated in my hands for 4 months without any issue at all.

Unfortunately, a leak appeared right at the point where the lines enter the condenser. The leak must have been extremely small in the beginning, because the only thing I noticed was a slight drop

in cooling power and idle temps going from -65c to -62 and then -59c.

A month ago, one day while at idle ( was changing a vga ), I heard a strong Hsssss sound. Took some seconds to understand what was going on. First temps fell to -72c and then rose abruptly

to -50c , -30c, -10c and turned positive as I hit the off button on the PSU.

All in all, all R507 gas ( approximately as stated by the manufacturer 400gr ) was lost.

Long story short. The unit IS NOT locally repairable. Many efforts have been done, and I am extremely sad, because with this unit I had managed to get rid of the mess of Dice.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, the cost of returning the unit to the manufacturer for FREE repair, under warranty and then come back is about 600 Euros.

So, I wish to sell this unit to anyone that is willing to uptake the cost of transportation and has local experts to repair this leak and reload the compressor with gas.

It is an 1 hour job ( as Nachtfalke explained ) and the unit will be back to top condition.

I am asking only for the ridiculous amount of 400 300 Euros.

I am not willing to search for transport, get quotes or arrange pick-up. The potential buyer must take care of this.

I will of course take care of extreme packing. It is a 40kg unit and with packing almost 45kg.

All in all, with an expense of 700 Euros at most, this one of a kind unit can return to top condition and serve its new owner.

I offer no warranty. Small damage, but still there is damage to the unit.

Payment with PayPal only as friends and family only. Or Bank transfer.

The transportation must be insured and I carry no liability if it is not.

I was ready to throw the unit to the garbage bin.

But I thought to give a chance to my fellow benchers to acquire this monster for almost half the price I paid ( including shipping and repair ).

EDIT : Obviously, if someone lives either in Greece or nearby countries, local pickup is welcome.



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I have dropped the price to 300 Euros.

I most sincerely wish to offer to the community the possibility to acquire the, maybe, best SS in the world.

I am unlucky that I live in a city in Greece, where no expert help is available. I am also too damn stupid that I initially bought ( with tons of enthusiasm ) this machine,

not taking into consideration the obvious - shit happens.

So, before I throw it in the garbage bin ( takes a lot of space ), grab this opportunity, if you live some where that this easy fix is doable professionally and with responsibility.

It is going to cost you 650 tops, all in.

I paid 1150 Euros.

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