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Memory scores not being listed in correct hardware rankings

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this. It's seems like a bug to me. Anyway. I've submitted several scores for a kit of Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 that I just got a couple days ago. None of the scores are being listed in the Crucial Ballistix Sport rankings. I've never had this problem with any other hardware. What gives?

The scores in question:





As you can see, those are very high scores for that particular hardware. I'd like them to be acknowledged as such. That's all.

Side note: Since it sort of relates. How does hardware get added to the rankings? I've got a shit ton of memory, HDDs/SSDs, and motherboards from various manufacturers that there aren't even any rankings for. Shouldn't that be an easy thing to fix? And/or why is it not? And/or why are the hardware rankings limited to so few brands/products? As I'm sure there's VASTLY more hardware in the world than there's rankings for on HWBOT. At least half of the hardware I currently own doesn't exist according to HWBOT. W T F over?

A prime example being these Crucial Ballistix Sport sticks I'm trying to submit scores for. They're actually Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP DDR3. Which are not the same as the "standard" Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3. Notably they're low voltage modules(DDR3L). Maybe that's not a big enough difference to matter...to most folks. It is to me though. But whatever. I just want my scores listed correctly(or as close to it as possible).

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Ok so first off this isn't a bug, it's ranked by memory type/technology i.e. DDR3/4 etc and not the individual ram stick manufacturer, otherwise this would be chaos with GPUs where only MSI Lighnings or Kingpin Classys would face off against each other.

Secondly you can use the submission search function to narrow down your results to get a leaderboard with any specific ram stick or GPU or whatever you like, I'll add a link to show you the Crucial Ballistix Sport etc.

Finally the database is updated by the moderators at the individual requests of users for non standard hardware, so if you have anything you'd like to add then make a support request at the bottom of the forum. 

Hope this helps.

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On the first thing you're saying, I'm well aware of that. That's not what I'm talking about.

On the second thing...already been there. I provided the link to it in my first post(but here it is again if you missed it https://hwbot.org/hardware/memoryproduct/ballistix_sport/). That's how I know what I'm talking about here. My scores are not there, when they should be. Maybe that's not a "bug"(I still say it is for the record). But it's still wrong, no matter what you call it. It's also wrong that there are Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4 scores in the same rankings as Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3 scores. They are not even close to the same thing.

On the final thing...thanks. Now I know how to get that done at least.

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I forgot to post a link, but this is what I was refering to. https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?applicationId=21&scoreOperator=more_or_equal&score=&username=&regionCode=&countryId=&teamId=&glPointsOperator=more_or_equal&glPoints=&hwPointsOperator=more_or_equal&hwPoints=&compPointsOperator=more_or_equal&compPoints=&globalTeamPowerPointsOperator=more_or_equal&globalTeamPowerPoints=&hardwareTeamPowerPointsOperator=more_or_equal&hardwareTeamPowerPoints=&totalPointsOperator=more_or_equal&totalPoints=&league=&globalRankOperator=less_or_equal&globalRank=&hardwareRankOperator=less_or_equal&hardwareRank=&cpu=&cpuId=&cpuSubFamily=&cpuSubFamilyId=&cpuFamily=&cpuFamilyId=&cpuBatch=&cpuBatchId=&cpuFreqOperator=less_or_equal&cpuFreq=&numberOfProcessors=&cpuSocketId=&cpuCoolingId=&gpu=&gpuId=&gpuFamily=&gpuFamilyId=&gpuBatch=&gpuBatchId=&gpuCoreFreqOperator=more_or_equal&gpuCoreFreq=&gpuShaderFreqOperator=more_or_equal&gpuShaderFreq=&gpuMemFreqOperator=more_or_equal&gpuMemFreq=&numberOfVideocards=&gpuSocketId=&gpuCoolingId=&mbModel=&mbModelId=&mbChipset=&mbChipsetId=&mbManufacturer=&mbManufacturerId=&mbChipsetBatch=&mbChipsetBatchId=&mbCoolingId=&memType=&memTypeId=&memProduct=Ballistix+Sport&memProductId=165&memManufacturer=&memManufacturerId=&memBatch=&memBatchId=&memFreqOperator=more_or_equal&memFreq=&memTCasOperator=more_or_equal&memTCas=&memCoolingId=&psuWattOperator=more_or_equal&psuWatt=&psuProduct=&psuProductId=&psuManufacturer=&psuManufacturerId=&diskCapacityOperator=more_or_equal&diskCapacity=&diskProduct=&diskProductId=&diskManufacturer=&diskManufacturerId=&dateAfter=&dateBefore=&_bestHardware=on&orderBy=score&limit=20&_imageAttached=on&_videoAttached=on&offset=0

Created using this page : https://hwbot.org/search/submissions

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I guess it's because the ranking you listed is indeed a ranking and not a search function.
For the ranking it is using "show all scores where TYPE = Ballistix Sport" and IN RANKING FOR DDR3 (hardware category) = YES". Since you can only have one score in the ranking for DDR3, it is this one.
If you use the search function and look for Ballistix Sport and one of the benchmarks, you will see your score is shown for Ballstix Sport.

I hope you understand what I mean. @richba5tard can you confirm this?

Edit: @ObscureParadox Loving that link, mate! :D

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@ObscureParadox thanks for showing me that. I never looked there before. Good to know. But not exactly what I'm talking about either.


@Don_Dan I think get what you're saying. And it does make sense...to a limited extent. And maybe that is how it's supposed to be.


This is what I still don't get though. How/why is it that there are rankings for say a 3570 and a 3570K. And I can have scores in the rankings for both. When they are almost exactly the same processor. But there's still a distinction that's being made there. Even though they're as close to the same thing as you can possibly get. But I can only be ranked for the product type of DDR3 that I have the highest scores with? Whether it's Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP DDR3-1600 or Teamgroup Xtreme LV DDR3-2666...it's all the same? Even though there's rankings for both? WTF? And like I'm saying...they're actually not really any more, or less, the same than a 3570 and a 3570K even. But I can't have the highest Crucial Ballistix Sport scores...because my Teamgroup Xtreme LV scores are higher? Seriously? What's the point of that? It's like saying I can't have the highest 3570 scores...because my 3570K scores are higher. But in that case...I CAN HAVE BOTH! What? I give up...

Bottom line: I guess I get it. But I don't get it. But if that's the way it is...whatever. Moving on...

EDIT: Just realized another idiosyncrasy. Motherboard reference frequency scores apply to all motherboards. Which, by the same line of reasoning, would mean I can't have motherboard reference frequency scores in the rankings of different motherboards. Only my highest reference frequency score should be ranked in the reference frequency scores for that particular motherboard. But that's not how it is. As I do have reference frequency scores in the rankings for multiple different motherboards. But all motherboards are the same right? Just like all DDR3 is the same? No...I don't think so. That's stupid as all hell. Even stupider in fact.







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 Memory benches are split by DDR1/2/3/4 etc, motherboard frequency is split by motherboard.

DDR3 version is more similar to GPU version, such as a Gigabyte Windforce, or EVGA Classified, rather than GTX780 vs GTX780ti, or 3570 vs 3570k in my opinion, hence why the memory benchmarks are split differently.

Memory isn't the same as gpus/cpus which have specific models(3570, 3570k, GTX780, GTX780ti etc), which then have different versions, with memory all sets are just different versions of DDR3/4 etc.


At least that's why it makes sense to me :)

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