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25 minutes ago, Berhof007 said:

Best 8086K owns rsannino or this guy: https://hwbot.org/submission/4107951_kos_cinebench___r15_core_i7_8086k_1902_cb (maybe it's the same chip)

5,5@ 1,35V isn't possible IMHO.


CPUz says he's running 1.55v in that screenshot, thats a long way from 1.35v


My 8700K can do 5.4G on strong water with Liquid metal at 1.34v. Can't imagine there being many if any that will do 5.5G at similar volts on aio or air

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2 hours ago, AutisticChris said:

This should suit you.

Why not a 9900k though? A 6.9g chip should match your needs.

9900k is a big problem of heat. This is the reason why no 9900k. And for my project is the 8086k perfect. And your 8700k reach max. 5300MHz.

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I dont know about 8086K.

The best I7-8700K ever was sold by me to top Elite member privately for 1*** Euros.

5.6ghz core, 5.1ghz cache, delidded, Thermal Grizzly Condactonaut, 1.41V true ( 1.40V set in Bios ), LLC7 Apex 10.

Cooling : 2 X XSPC EX420 rads and EKWB double D5 pump. Ambient 22c.

At that time, this CPU, broke all 6 core records under LN2.

5.5ghz core would be an amazing find with 1.40V or less.

Expect to pay 650 Euros +++.

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5 minutes ago, AutisticChris said:

Just to confirm it exists lol @ozzie

The OP ( correctly ), asked not to spam his thread. I personally apologise. I was only trying to be helpful, by stating that 5.5ghz on ambient water is NOT easy and very rare.

Chris, pretty bold and insulting statement to make. Are you questioning my sincerety and request a screenshot ?

My last post here in this thread. AGAIN APOLOGIES TO THE OP.

Three 6 core 8700k or 8086K have appeared EVER on the BOT, with the 5.6ghz potential. Mine ( sold ), Dancop's ( sold ) and Roberto's ( ? ). Just for history.

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