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2019 Party in PA- official sign-up thread

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Packing for me started last week, that way I'd have time to look things over and hopefully not forget anything and if I did, I'd have time to correct that.

I've got several boxes of stuff to bring, I'm finalizing packing of my hardware and supplies tomorrow, then onto the personal stuff.


I'm even bringing some video related stuff and if you guys can do it, I'll bring along my webcam for live streaming too.

Personally I don't have an account or extra system I can bring to do that with but I can bring the webcam anyway if it's needed, you're certainly welcome to make use of it. 


Room reservation confirmed - I'm set and good to go.

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On 8/18/2019 at 6:00 PM, LeDippen said:

Im Located near philly just found out this even is going on. unfortunately i dont have any new pots or fund currently. i might stop by to check it out. have tons of new hardware if anyone wants to try them out ( kp card and 9900k)


Definitely come by if you're around!!! Open to all!

Setups, hanging out, etc Thursday. Ln2 delivery too early Friday (7 or 8am *groan*). Benching from Friday morning until Sunday around 3pm. Room clean and everyone out by 5pm Sunday.

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2 hours ago, rtsurfer said:

Z370 Apex? Already insulated.. 😛

That'd be awesome man! Thank you so much! We'll work out details there. :) 

Almost done packing the truck. Hoping to get there around 3-4 but likely around 6. :/


Update: Extra special, surprise bonus treat for the eager beavers.....the ln2 will be delivered tomorrow! So...any of you that just can't wait (and as long as I can clear it with the venue) we'll be crackin' a tank when we're in the room and settled in. :) Cyas tomorrow!

Oh....that reminds me....if anyone has a transfer hose, it'd be great if you could bring it along. I'll bring mine but 2 is great for those peak times. We've got plenty o' juice, no reason for anyone to wait for a refill unless we have to. Also...we're always short on thermoses, etc so if'n ya got some, please bring 'em :)

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I'll be rolling in around mid morning tomorrow. I still have to pack hardware and too tired after work today.

 I'll bring a transfer hose. Also have a few extra Corsair Elite thermos from 1st year for some give away. Seems only fitting we are back at New Cumberland where it started.

Do we have any wifi or internet access in the room this year?



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