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8Gbit Micron Rev.E "E-die" thread

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Thought it was time to start collecting information in one place about this new miracle IC that the OGS guys used to smash the memory frequency WR.  There are a bunch of different IC codes for "8Gbit Revision E" and while the characteristics should be broadly similar there's definitely some variance - not sure how much of that is down to binning for kits and how much is down to differences between different Micron models (JEDEC bin, temperature bin, maybe package?).  These are found from micron's ic code lookup tool, and model numbers are interpreted with the help of micron's 8Gbit DDR4 datasheet.

The known standard (1Gx8 layout) Rev.E IC codes, excluding Z9 series ES chips, are:

  • D9VPP - '075' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code
  • D9WFL - 062E' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code
  • D9WFP - '062E' JEDEC bin code, 'IT' extended temperature code
  • D9XSP - '062E' JEDEC bin code, 'AAT' extended temperature code
  • D9XSJ - '062E' JEDEC bin code, 'AIT' extended temperature code
  • D9XSK - '062E' JEDEC bin code, 'AUT' extended temperature code
  • C9BHS - '075E' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code (=D9VPP?)
  • C9BJC - '062E' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code (=D9WFL?)
  • C9BJZ - '62M' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code (these ones are on the WR sticks)

It should be stressed that these aren't all necessarily available, they just show up searching for part numbers.

There's also C9BHR - '083E' JEDEC bin code, no extended temperature code.  Micron's site lists these as Rev.H, but it's possible this is an error - usually IC codes with the first 4 characters the same would be variations of the same IC (eg D9GTS/D9GTR/D9GTN).

062E is 3200C22 jedec bin, 075E is 2666C18 jedec bin, 075 is 2666C19, and 083E is 2400C16.  The 62M jedec bin code doesn't seem to be documented.

Temperature wise IT/AIT, AAT, and AUT are rated from -40C to 95C, 105C and 125C respectively.  ICs without temperature codes are rated for 0C-95C, this doesn't necessarily really mean anything though.

Micron 8Gbit Rev.E has been reported, to my knowledge, in:

  • 8GB Ballistix Sport LT 3000 15-16-16 (multiple users in the r/overclocking community have these)
  • 16GB Ballistix Sport AT 3200 16-18-18 dual rank (recently reviewed by techpowerup)
  • 8GB Ballistix Elite 3600 16-18-18 (WR sticks)

Overclocking characteristics are:

  • Apparently no CB/CBB
  • Scales with voltage
  • Very temperature sensitive
  • At least the low bins seem to need high tRCD

A couple of different r/overclocking users have reported 3600 14-20-16 1.45V on AMD using the 3000 15-16-16 sticks.  This is really interesting because it suggests a reasonable amount of variation if the lower-end sticks need tRCD 20 for 3600 whereas higher-end sticks can do 3600+ at tRCD 18.

My personal theory (and I realise it's a bold one): the 62M JEDEC bin code on C9BJZ might be like elpida's MNH and MGH codes seen on 1Gbit Rev.A DDR3 indicating the unofficial 'HYPER' bin - that is, the result of some kind of sorting done at Micron/Crucial for OC above and beyond any official JEDEC bin, separating ICs of the same design that exhibit similar characteristics but with a big difference in the typical numbers.

I'm currently busy testing some 3000C15 Sport sticks that I picked up today, but I'll try and keep this post up to date as more information comes to light 🙂

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I started out doing mhz testing with 4 DIMMs with a Ryzen 1700+AB350-Gaming.  This was supposed to be a joke, troll some of the r/oc discord guys like "yeah I'm testing that IC, but in a crappy configuration lol".  I was expecting maybe 3200 since it's a T-topology board.

Anyway they do DDR4-3600 daily stable.  Which for 4 DIMMs on first-gen Ryzen is just insane.  So this is actually really interesting data, makes me think these sticks might be super easy to run somehow.

Screenshot attached, timings are very much quick and dirty and not tuned at all, I just set primaries and mhz.

EDIT: Interestingly, the same settings were pretty unstable in 2-dimm - T-topology in action, but interesting that it's a factor at these lower speeds.


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So, here we go. Those IC's can be found in Ballistix Sport 3000c15/3200c16 and new Elites 3600c16
(No idea on 3466c16 bin which was common for Samsung B-Die) 
You can also find them in Kingston Fury/Value 2666/2933/3200/3466 (Can be read as E/H-Die 16/18/19nm).
For now, they easiest for IMC and can do stable 3466-4000 on Ryzen or 3733-4600 on Intel with cheapest boards (OP in DR configurations).
There's most of my findings:






PS: i also saw generic Hynix JJR running 4133c19-23-23-48-2T on chiphell.

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I have a 2x kit of HX434C19FB2K2/16 for 4x8Gb which I bought in the beginnings of 2018. Has Micron E-die 16nm

I got them to stable 3733Mhz with my Ryzen 7 1700 and a Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 when Agesa PinnaclePi hit the board. Before that I was limited to 3600Cl14 stable.

I later changed my motherboard as I was limited by SoC voltage to run higher speeds on that gen 1 Ryzen. Sadly the later board is capped to 3200Mhz, a Biostar x470GT8 as it currently stands. I'm just waiting if new BIOS will unlock this board or if it's a hardware limit.

Not tested newer bios on the Gigabyte if they allowed even better results as I don't want to dismantle my current setup.

F25 3733Mhz MEM stable v2.png

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I just testing this Crucial Ballistix 16GB Kit 3200 CL16-18-18 1.35v XMP. Actually performance is not bad at all, so far this is closest performance to Samsung B-Die from what i testing. Single Core score blurred for competition reason (V-GeN competition on HWBot). I think this is low bin stick.

Micron Rev. E.png

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I have issue with Microns and Z490 M12A board with combination with Rocketlake 11900K. 

Those memory working fine on AMD Crosshair boards and Zen2/Zen3 5000 MHz. But on Apex I can not post and also with lower freuqency like 4800 MHz or 4533 MHz I can not get to OS system. WTF? Its is Micron-E 2x 8GB kit (not 2x16)

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