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Team Cup benchmark ideas

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lol , i dont care what masta, (master) he is, when he comes up with something " original "  from him alby, , ill shake in me thongs worrying about it  🤣, i dont care , its a background, thats it , whatever is decided will be it


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ok then (out of the box idea), how bout a ddr 3 section for 775 socket ?, if its going to be applied for the teams cup, 1 stage so it doesnt impact the comp in the ddr3 section , whether it be memory capability, fsb capability, pure performance over all , doesnt matter,

the older PE45s etc , x48s , fantastic boards can come out, which by the way most cut their teeth on, in some form or other having a go at it, lose more than you get back from trying, sure, same with any board, cpu, ram, push too hard for too long ,then its gone

just a suggestion

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47 minutes ago, Digg_de said:

And maybe s775 and DDR1 for the ASRock Boards? :D

When will Teamcup start (date)?

lol you wouldnt be meaning 1 of these would you digg, by any chance 🤣



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we need a wprime 1024m dogpile, but the plot twist is you can only use 1 core cpus that are 1000mhz or below xD


seriously though, i think there should be a stage inspired by the old cheap as chips competitions. that would be nice for the poor people, maybe some amd hw.  

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