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Feature request - dual hardware specs visible

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I would like a feature introduced on the My submissions tabs.


When going through the Videocard scores in the My submission tab we see a nice list of scores and the the details for the videocard.  However to then see which processor used and the speed of processor we have to go to the individual scores to find out what was used. This makes it very cumbersome to potentially find scores that otherwise could be upgraded based on new hardware or new skills.

I keep learning and find new tweaks and keep most hardware so if nothing to do on a weekend i grab some hardware and get into it.



1. On the My submission tabs add one tab that says Video card expanded.

In that tab the list can look the same as current one however with addition of 2 columns.. CPU hardware and CPU Frequency.

This would make it significantly easier to determine which benchmarks to rerun based on new CPUs/Cores that we keep adding in our toolboxes.


2 . On the  My submission tabs add one tab that says Processor expanded.

In that table the list can look the same as current one however with the addition of 3 columns. Memory hardware "G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 DDR4 SDRAM""   and Memory speed and if possible Memory timings.

Considering that all the CPU benchers are significantly dependant on memory speed and timing it would again be much easier to find which benchers to rerun based on new gained skill or added hardware in our toolboxes.










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