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steponz - Ryzen 7 3700X @ 5298.8MHz - 2786 cb Cinebench - R15

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Yeah, I probably should have left the stream on hahah... had to eat... 1466 was so I could bench at -180c, if I set 1500 I could then only bench at -170. I think I could get 5.3 ish at -170.. might have to lap the processor.
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Now that it is working, time to shoot for 2904 to show that the 3800X doesn't have better OC scaling than the 3700X (even though he was at 5.56GHz for that score and already we are approaching chip to chip variance on silicon lottery, meaning that 118 point difference with 260MHz means nothing overall and that the 3700X is basically the same as the 3800X, no real binning it seems). But always good to have goals!
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