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Xeon E55XX RAM divider unlocked


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It seems like i managed to accidentally unlock the RAM and NB dividers on a Xeon E5504, so far i only managed to reproduce this with a very specific OS and once you completetly shut down the system it's locked again (hotswapping ssds is possible though to get extra mem speed on diffrent OS)...

Here's some 32m runs with 2:10, 2:8 and 2:6 to prove that it is not only display bug of CPU-Z :)


Will upload video of how i did it later, maybe even immage of the speciffic OS i used, if i can't find what exactly causes it...

How I did it:

1: take windows 7 (so far only one of my copys worked)

2: reset during boot, so you get the option to boot in safe mode

3: set memory settings that should work but are locked in bios and apply

4: when windows asks you coose boot normaly and hope it locks up

5: press reset button on board (do NOT press powerbutton)

6: POST screen should show the ram/nb settings you applied

7: boot into OS, if you wan't to bench on XP or simmilar disconnect SSD while in OS and press reset button and it should boot into whatever OS you connected with the propper settings

Hope someone will be able to reproduce this



Youtube video:


I have now tried this on X58A-OC and X58A-UD7 without any success, so probbably only works on ASUS Boards, unfortunately i only have the one Rampage III Extreme, allso i managed to get it to work on all windows 7 installs i have, key element was to get the recovery screen where the cursor is on start "automatic repair", not on "start normaly" :)

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