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Asus 780 DCUII no VCORE or VMEM

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Hey guys, recently purchased an asus gtx 780 DCUII from ebay as not working and was expecting a dead core or shot memory as it didnt have an output and was wanting it for the VRM so i could do a zombie mod now the problem is i have put it in my test bench to see if it did work and got nothing, gave it a quick inspection to see if any components where vapourised or cracked but all looked good so i tossed it in the oven just to see if it would magically come back but still nothing so i decided to test voltages, and what i found is that i have no vcore or vmem, the voltage controller is an ASP1212 (attached is the datasheet) i have probed VCC of the controller and i am getting the required 3.3 volts, i would probe the enable pin but it doesnt seem to be hooked up and all the pictures on google show the pcb with the same resistor not in place on the enable pin, unless it has a trace under the VC i have no idea. Can anyone think of any ideas as to what i can do in attempt to power up the VRM manually. I want to see if the core of this card is still good and if it is i will just fix it and use it for benchmarks and if the core is dead but the i can fix the vrm i will cut it up for a zombie.


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