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Windows 7 licensing on multiple benching systems


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Over the next few months, I hope to set up several benching systems. How do people get around using Windows 7 on a large number of PCs, with only 3 or 4 running at a time (if I'm going to run CPU benchmarks that take hours, I may as well run a few at the same time). Is it legal to only have 4 licenses if I am only using it on 4 PCs at any one time? Am I at risk of prosecution if I don't have separate licenses for each system in my collection? Would I have a problem if I only had one license? Is there any type of license that allows Windows 7 to be installed and activated on multiple systems? Finally, if I install without a code, and don't activate it, would that affect benchmarks scores (I don't know if an unlicensed Windows throttles the system)?

Oh, and an afterthought. Do different versions of Windows 7 perform differently, with different services running? If so, which should I be looking at? I will, of course, use the x64 version on x64 systems.

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yes, you can only use one licence on one pc at a time, but you can reuse the licence as many times as you want. with regards to prosecution, absolutely not. Microsoft would never bother chasing anyone for not activating windows. also, im pretty sure an unactivated windows wouldnt make a difference in terms of scores.


as for windows versions, look for completely stripped out versions of windows like tiny7

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You don't need a licensed/activated OS to bench with. 

There are very few benchs that even require an internet connection.

Pending the hardware you intend to bench, and the bench, you will want to have a copy of pretty much every OS from W98 to W10, though you could get by with just XP x86, W7 x64, and W10 x64, pending the level of competition you would like to bench at.

There are plenty of ISO's around available for free.

Deb, you know me from a couple different places, if you need anything, chances are I can help you.


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