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VRM outputting voltage but not any current.


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Hey guys. Recently cut the vrm off a dead asus 780 and now am wanting to get it ready to put on a 750 ti. Problem i am facing after hooking up the enable pin to 3.3v is that the vrm is outputting 1.4 odd volts BUT it cant supply any current. Just putting a simple 8ohm speaker across the output makes it drop to 200mv. The controller is an ASP1212 (Link below)
Is there something i have missed when enabling the controller?

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Ok then, i have a 3.3 reg setup on the controller now so PSI, VCC and EN are getting the required voltage and now im getting 3.8 volts of the vrm but still not current capabilities. the 8 ohm speaker still drops it to like 200mv. Also, im guessing the VRTN pin is for feedback?

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