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3dmark 99 MAX on windows xp (Solved)


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Hey guys, does anyone know how to get 3dmark 99 working on windows xp?
I have tried the compatability to windows 98/me, it does not launch but there is an active process for it.
I have looked around alot of forums and people are talking about how this version does not work on XP but there is a fix to download but all of the links are now dead. i possibly found the fix but after applying said "fix" when trying to start 3d mark it says to use a 3d accelerator that is capable of using textures, this is while i have a hd 3870 in the system and latest drivers for xp. I havent tested another card yet as its 3:15 am and im going to bed.

I want to run the benchmark on XP as i see everyone else uses it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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There's a specific patch that works. For me anyway. I've attached a conglomeration of 3DM patches I've rounded up(all from posts on VOGONS). In the folder named "3DMark1999-2001PatchPack" there's another folder named "3DMark 99 Max". Uninstall any previous patches you've applied(if necessary clean install 3DM 99 Max again). Then copy the files in that folder to C:\Program Files\3DMark 99 Max, overwriting all the existing files. Then it should work in compatibility mode or not.

Oops...looks like I just got ninja'd by Mr.Scott. Or wait...maybe not. That looks like a different fix that I haven't seen before. Cool! Now I've got another for the collection.

EDIT: I need a patch for PCMark 04 if anyone knows were to get one for that. Just hangs at startup with the versions of XP I use. I've had it work in the past with other versions of XP...or something? Doesn't want to work with any SP3 versions I have. Disabling systeminfo doesn't do anything. Maybe there's another trick I don't know about? Whatever...probably runs better on 7 anyway. Which works perfectly for me(no extra effort required).



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6 hours ago, Digg_de said:


Try this or google for 3dmark99 FIX.. cant remember where i've found the Fix.

OMG this was it. I didnt even think to search for 3dmark hanging. The one that Mr.Scott posted was the only one i was able to find on some sketchy af ftp server XD but it didnt work. This one did, thank you so much :D

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Yeah...that one works too. But I can only get it to work with compatibility mode. The one I mentioned works with or without it. Anywho...both are in that folder I attached. Which it looks like everyone is afraid to touch. Oh well...just trying to save ya some time. Download them all yourself and check them against mine. You'll find they're all bit for bit identical(aside from folder names...which I added numbers according to which came first on a few of them). ;)

Here's the list of what's in there:

3DM 2000 Framelock Fix

3DMark 99 Compatibility Fix (1 & 2)

3DMark 1999-2001 Patch Pack

3DMark 2000 mmx check switch

3DMark 2000 Video Memory Error Fix

3DMark 2001 SE

3DMark Startup Hang Patch v1.01

3DMK 2000 patch (1, 2, 3, & 4)





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