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alexmaj467 - Pentium 4 1.8Ghz (s478) @ 2267MHz - 2526 marks Black Hole Benchmark


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I'm not accusing you of anything. Just confused how that's possible. If you compare it to the other 2 subs with this processor...it just doesn't make any sense. Maybe it's the adjusting priority(no affinity with 1 core/thread). That never seems to make a significant difference for me when I mess with it though. So I never bother. I'll give it a try with BH4 and see I guess.

EDIT: I'm running the same processor, same memory timings(+ 2 more GB), and XP. Priority set to Realtime just hangs the system. And setting it to High does absolutely nothing compared to Normal.

Anyway...the more of your BH4 scores I look at...the less sense it makes. You seem to be consistently scoring WAY higher singethreaded than anyone else with similar hardware/specs. You would think you'd notice that. Maybe not acknowledge it...or explain exactly why. But whatever. It's not for points. So I don't really care.

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I have difficulty with English I write through a translator. I don't know why this is happening. I have with 2014. how did this benchmark always singethreaded high , but in windows 7 it is same low like yours.

Here's another 2014 result , unfortunately, the older 478 results with less frequency I have removed but there just as well.  https://hwbot.org/submission/2674025_alexmaj467_black_hole_benchmark_athlon_1000_(thunderbird_fsb_133_socket_462)_1455_marks 

Here is outcome another user which has 1 place and I have the second place with a lesser frequency.



I always configure the OS in this way.

But unfortunately it is in Russian, will be of little use, but there is nothing beyond the unknown to configure the OC.


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I think the test depends on some Windows settings which I have no idea.

I set up the OS the same way every time throughout the years, and I have the results go smoothly according to the frequency of the processor (+ - ) throttling from overheating or something.


If you look at two results from Prescott.

Or you each time for different set up windows , or you have some bugs with the benchmark or framework




Or is it a bug from too high overclocking and instability of the system . Lower the frequency, at 300MHz pass the test, then raise at 100MHz and pass the test and see the results.


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