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Is cascade cooling considered extreme league?

Mythical tech

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16 hours ago, Mythical tech said:

@suzuki I think that for modern platforms cascade is not as relevant as it was previously but for some older platforms it is almost on par with ln2. As for cost I got my cascade for less than a strong single stage. Though I do see why it isn't in the apprentice league. 

You have wrong type of cascade my friend.

Look at this, made on a 2 stage cascade.



The new type of evap does wonders in load.

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@suzuki what's wrong with my cascade? I don't think cascades are very relevant on modern 2d if you want to be competitive in the extreme league for globals due to almost all of the current gen cpus being able to run fullpot or have an extremely high heat load that will drow most cascades. I have been doing testing on my 1920x and ln 2 gained me about 400+ mhz over cascade. All that being said I think cascades do have their place and are amazing pieces of exipment that let people like me who don't have the money or easy access to ln2 to be able to bech for hours. 



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1 hour ago, funsoul said:

His cascade's real solid (he's got my NoL build) but it uses one of the older evaps since that's all we could find at the time. Temp is not the normal -100C for 2 stage but closer to -93C since NoL set it up for higher load handing. Who's got new and improved evaps these days?

Bartx has, or he used to have both the 54 mm design and the new 65mm monster for Hedt cpu’s.

mythical, you cannot put cascade in the same league as ss and dice, untill now there were many generations of cpus that bottomed out at -100/-120 degrees so on those cpu’s ln2 is equal with cascade.

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