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Dual GPU`s Wanted

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Hey Guys,


i`m looking for some rare dual GPU Cards.

Wanted Cards:

x1650xt Dual

X1950pro Dual

2600xt Dual

3850x3 Asus Trinity



6800GT Dual

GTX 275 Co-op

GTX 460 Dual (Evga GTX 460 2win)

XGI Volari V8 DUO

Happy to read from you.

Howden  (@)   gmx.de       or PN




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Whoa, thanks for bumping, I didn't knew that 3x cards ever existed. Asus Trinity, nice :)
Well my friend wants to sell something like 7900 GX2 or 7900 GX2, I don't know which one, but for shure it's the more common one. As far as I remember it has GPU from two other half-working cards.

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