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Official BIOS

ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore 0401 Bios

Download : https://bit.ly/2OqWWOq



TurboV, MemTweakIt, OCPACK : https://bit.ly/2Ov7Br4

TurboV W7 : https://bit.ly/2LNcIBg (Windows7 use turbov old version.)


USB Flashback





Same as SKX, Enable ln2 mode, load ln2 profile, adjust volt and ratios accordingly.

NOTE: Default SATA mode is RAID mode so to boot into an AHCI Drive you need to switch to AHCI under PCH storage config

low core profile (10core or 12core or 14core)

high core profie (16core or 18core)


Big pots should be used for good temp control.

Typically, Coldbug temp is -100c ~ -110c

cpu voltage and cache voltage depend on cpu (etc 1.45 ~ 1.55) 

As with SKX, at -80c plus high mem freq like 4000, manually tune DQS and uncore voltage offset, whether its hard lock in os or AF/00 at mem training.

Set all to


And set uncore voltage to +0.25 and start adding uncore v offset from there.

If have good memory, 4000MHz 12 11 11 is very easy.




Skewed voltage sets the specified voltage to the worst core and slightly lesser voltage to the better ones to minimize heat.

Skew ratio drops a certain percent of the worst cores to a lower ratio than the one specified while better ones remain at the specified ratio

Ratio hot key to hot key a ratio to apply, click start when ready



change the worst core voltage and percentage. (Depends on cpu)



change the cpu speed using hotkeys (ALT + A , ALT + B, ALT + C)








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39 minutes ago, gkmltd said:


Please fix the turbov win10 URL (its says that the file is infected with virus and cant be download)


It's not a virus. I think it's an error in Google Drive.

But I modified the download URL.


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Hi Guys,

Before doing any overclocking on this motherboard (as well as on any other ASUS product) please disassemble it and check if everything is OK.

Was installing EK monoblock yesterday and found this shit.

800EUR mobo worked with thus stuff for 5 months




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