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I7 2600k

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I bought this Intel 2600k, being a previous owner of the 4790k, I thought the processor might be okay. I figured for $20 what the hell why not. But man, I haven't even gotten the clock dialed in completely yet, and  it already beats 6 of the Ryzen models in multi-threaded testing. I assume they take DDR4. I used CPU-Z as bench as comparison, they seem pretty reliable. Also, the 2600k beats every FX-series processor that was made. I remember when AMD was a joke. 

The GPU and CPU are on water. In Time Spy in 3dmark never gets the card or processor over 40 degrees, and that's at 1493mhz GPU, and 4400mhz@1.35v CPU. Full on gaming I hit mid 40's.  I have used DDR4 systems that felt like they performed sub-par. 

Sometimes it's not about having the biggest, most overly priced processor money can buy. Although bragging rights are nice.  This little processor blew me away because I got it for $20. Motherboard was $20 on offerup, and graphics card I already had. 


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