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[EU] M11A or Z390 Dark mainly , Z170M OCF hard modded


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Thank you Mythical but I had a M10A , I have my CPU now on a modded M9A since I did a combo with the 10A for my brother and wanted to try the 11A as I saw it is a better overclocker not only for the ram but the CPU also needs less voltage. I can find another 10A localy but I can't order a 11A or Z390 Dark since they are not listed on any retailer list here. I could order a M11G but the oppinions on the performance is split between the people who had experience with it unlike the main two ones listed above. As for the MOCF I still have a few legacy GPU's that would perform in few 3d tests better on Win XP than other OS and my CPU even though not a golden chip is still an ok'ish one and I am tempted to try it out.

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