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HWBot Team Cup design thread 2020

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I'd like a bonus dogpile thrown in NOT using any DDR, so SDram/RDram/FBdimm only make it something like cinebench 2003 maybe?

Just my idea to have the TC include any possible HW basically, so from socket 7 to today, doesn't need to give a lot of points but would be nice to have a reason to dig out even more HW :P


If the DDR1-4 format stays I'd love to see 2 benches that are exactly the same for each one, something like 32m and 3d03 full out on ddr1-4  the last one maybe limited by vmem type if that is at all possible? (ie. GDDR1 with ddr1, Gddr3/4 with ddr2, gddr5 with ddr3 and gddr6/hbm with ddr4)

If not possible just assign generations to the stages like we used to... (<= fx5000 / radeon 9000 for ddr1, <=GF9000 / radeon 4000 for ddr2, <= GF900 / radeon 300 for ddr3 and the rest for ddr4 ofc.)

Feel free to take any or all of these or change them a little to your liking :)

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what are the thoughts of considering a couple of benches for an APU A4-4000 , with intergrated graphics,quite available and fairly affordable, either or any of the Cinebenches  and , GPUPI for CPU1B,

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Please allow me a moment of job stress relief with this post , thanks.


Since we are thinking or considering of letting the ES play ...

Time to ask for something special too.

I would like a full stage based on Intel's E7205 ,

The only limitation could be ... aahh (let me think) , 7 cpu results with 7 different boards and 7 gpu results on Ati 8500XT please.(Preferably on Winbond BH-4 ram).








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