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Z170 Asus BIOS downgrade (bclk unlock mod) Intel ME FW concern

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Historically I have successfully overclocked 'non-K' Skylake CPU's  using modified Z170 BIOS for Gigabyte Mobos (bclk unlock) . I used modded BIOS files that are  based on older BIOS  versions IIRC  . I done this around 2017 and subsequently acquired more PC's to play with . 

Today I forced downgraded My ASUS Z-170 P , the mobo's built in flash tool "EZ FLASH" would not allow me to downgrade . So  I flashed using a FreeDOs  (created with RUFUS ) with the 'AFUDOS.exe' program ( See video Youtube vid)  . The board was previously running a 2018 BIOS ( 3805 ) with ME Firmware I downloaded the custom firmware from this HWBOT thread ( Asus Z170-P 8008.cap)  . THe flash ran, it verified 100% , I restarted the machine , once , twice and realised I was stuck in the 'ASUS EZ flash' menu , It asked for the 8008.CAP, which I used to flash again . Ever since , I have been stuck on an 'EZ Flash ' menu , that fails to run with any USB drive connected . As shown in attached picture 



I have looked into why this went wrong, I have read some rumours that the Intel ME Firmware prevents old BIOS code from working. Before the downgrade the board had ME FW version  However my understanding is that the ME FW resides on the BIOS chip, or am I wrong ? I presumed the ME version would be included as part of the Bios  or modded BIOS image ? 


Luckily this Motherboard has a socketed type of EEPROM BIOS chip, and I can get a preflashed version for this board , though I might just bin/ get rid  this motherboard if it cant run unlocked Bclck BIOS .  SO  I am curious why this did not work out ? Is the BIOS and ME Firmware Related ? Does the ME Firmware prevent older or modded BIOS versions from working at all ?

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