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On 5/3/2020 at 12:15 PM, Leeghoofd said:

Ive been staring at your proposal for the last 10 minutes, so you want to have the benchmarks sorted alphabetically or per software developer ?

My plea is that the list of tests should not be in random order. (for example: "3DMark - Fire Strike Ultra" Then  "Catzilla - 1440p" then "GPUPI v3.3 - 1B" then again "3DMark - Time Spy"). Detailed functions need to be thought

I think sorting should be divided into two levels:

  1.  Alphabetical names of test packages
    1. Then Name of specific tests in the package
    2. Then Name of specific tests in the package
    3. Then Name of specific tests in the package
  2.  Alphabetical names of test packages
    1. Then Name of specific tests in the package
    2. Then Name of specific tests in the package
  3. And ect....

This logic is already implemented on the page with the list of tests: https://hwbot.org/benchmarks or https://hwbot.org/benchmarks/videocard  - It is very convenient! Especially when you opened the test package and started taking tests... Then the next package...

Res HW page is used as much as possible during the session... 3DMark/Catzilla random list is not very convenient!

Sorry for my basic English


2020-05-03 14-08-55.png

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On 4/2/2020 at 9:37 AM, Leeghoofd said:

you know Mutt is the Johnny Rotten of OC.. always against the grain, no matter what. Just because Neil is the nr1 Aussie OCer....

I'm not old enough to understand this reference 😋

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On 2/11/2020 at 9:13 PM, jab383 said:

As predicted, the no-league crusaders are out in force.  They're entitled to their opinion and to express them.  Personally, I agree with Don Dan - we should keep the leagues.  This speaks to the need for a vote with wide participation.

Note that one of the features of Benchmate is monitoring CPU temperature during the benchmark run.  Perhaps temperature achieved - above/below 0C - could be used to place members in the proper league?

Completely agree that we need the different leagues. Yes its difficult to catch a Formula 1 team cheating or the continuous doping cases around the world but the fact is also that being able to compare with people who relatively have a similar setup actually helps build the interest in OC-ing. Noting on day one of a new processor release that all world records are broken by professional teams might have an interest for the core few who then have a target to try take down the next 2 months but it does not encourage the new or general mass of OCers. It probably just mean that their scores will be 0.01 of something never achievable.  I joined and took part in the rookie roundups and still remember ending up 3rd place in what 2014. Atleast i could compete with people who had similar skill level. Now i keep checking what cooling the next guy up the rank has on each spot as i know if its LN2 then i have reached the max ( usually as i have taken down some of those too with my Dry ice.) This goes for any sport. The lightning Bolt might have a world record but he sure dont have the Swedish 100 meter record nor the county record or my old school record from grades 3 - 7. Some other guys have beaten those and that is perfectly ok as it was in similar circumstances, though now i am sure they have better surface on the track and shoes that does half the running for them 😉 and i cant call that cheating.

The combination of leagues and competitions  with frequency set as we have now is great. I use the competitions to see how close i can get to the real guru's in fine tweaking. Especially the ones that submit scores during the competition and not just the last few seconds help me improve my own scores in the competition first and then when i let my hardware loose separately on the chiller or dry ice I can hopefully improve my hardware scores and maybe a global or two after the new found learning in the process. Even more fun when some of the Guru's actually noticed the score and give words of encouragement before showing how its done 🙂 that's what builds and refresh a community.

When I cooled my computers with air and basic AIO its one set of limitations and cost and maybe even dunking the pump in ice water. This means rookies and enthusiasts can have fun also take part in the competitions if getting reasonable points for being 50% above the normal hardware settings and getting reasonably higher scores that is a great achievement.

With the chiller down to +3 or so its another. I use this most of the time now but the electricity bill looks thereafter 🙂 about 200 USD a month just for my computer stuff.

With the dry ice at 70 USD for 20 kg which give me good fun on a weekend on Z390 platform or half that time on the X299 and i might be lucky and get a few 30 pointers here and there.

I would have loved to go on LN2 but simple fact is it would be illegal to bring it in to the condo and am sure many others would face same restrictions around the globe. But yes i keep my hardware so maybe one day hehe when i move ill find a more conducive place for exactly that reason. Before that sorry no Formula 1 competing for me.

Meanwhile its great that its a global reach on this OC community as so far i have not found any real community in Philippines nor Uganda  and it seems the one in Sweden consists of RAUF and....









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For pensioners like me who don't visit the site daily, it could be nice to have a dropdown option to show the top scores not only from the last 24 hrs, but also from the last 7 / 30 / 365 days. Should be easy implement unless site was coded by a complete retard.

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7 hours ago, Venky said:

Any plans to revive/update the smartphone benchmarks?

Also, can there be a device-wise filter for benchmarks, like hiding android benchmarks and so on.

I like the second part, it messes up my view when I want to see that I hit gold on all benches on a cpu/gpu lmao

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I can see that the current G.skill memory challenge is quite interesting as it looks at having a dual channel fully occupied and stable for more than just for validation. Meanwhile I think that on the hwbot itself there is too few benchmark ideas to actually use for memories (while they are often the key to getting a top score in benchers). Meanwhile it could actually be made more interesting without adding new benchmarks.

Why not have different segments for DDR2,3,4 as in 1 channel, 2 channel, 3 channel and 4 channel.  It seems to me that the more channels we add the more difficult it get to high frequencies. 

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