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What's the benefits for having a Ryzen over a intel cpu


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It's my first time building a pc and Im interested of having a Ryzen 2600 cpu but I've been having second thoughts about it.

I been doing lots of research to a point that im stuck in the middle of my choice thinking that im going to regret my choice in the future. hotmail.com 
So I just want to hear it first from Ryzen cpu users about what's the advantages of having a Ryzen because this choice has been killing me for the last few days and im going nowhere with my choice.

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No worries for going to the Dark Side 😛  AMD Ryzen are great CPUs bro, The Ryzen 2600 is an amazing bang for the buck 6 core powerhouse,  Heck I even still love my old 1800X

Plus with AM4 motherboard  you got room to upgrade to that crazy 16 core 3950X in the future' (when these become more affordable)


These modern CPUS have so much power under the hood!!

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I recently upgraded a system for a friend from an Intel 9600k and a RTX 2070 (non super) to a Ryzen 3600 on a MSI B450M Mortar Max (comes with bios ready for 3rd gen Ryzen) and same graphic card , he couldn't feel any difference in games but for productivity he was extremely happy as he could see BIG improvement. AMD has come a long way with these Ryzen chips , you can't go wrong with the Ryzen 2600 mate and is also much cheaper than team blue.It is funny how before Ryzens when someone was going Intel way was a clear upgrade while nowadays is the other way around :)

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