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[FS] Ryzen 9 3900X@5600+ !


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Hey guys,

During my recent binning of a dozen 3900X i've found two very good cpu's on ln2. I am selling this one since i kept the better one but this is like 25mhz lower across the board compared to the other one. 

Cpu did 5600 cinebench r15, 5600-5625 geekbench 3, 5600 wprime 1024M

Easy to bench full-pot with 1600 fclk and 4860 C14 on Crosshair 8 Impact.

On air this one is a beast ! Did 4500@1.2875V on stock ! air cooler with 20 degrees ambient cinebench R15. 

Looking for 650E shipped via paypal (buyer takes care of commision or send as friend) or bank account.

Not looking for trades and also not willing to lower the price since binning them on air is quite irrelevant since i had a close call 4500@1.31 and it barely did 5525 and also another 4500@1.32 that simply failed to bench under -140.









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