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Asus P5Q Deluxe and Q6600


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Hello Toghether,


at first i have to say, that my english is not so god, because im from germany. I would like first apologize, for my English.

My System: Intel Q6600, Asus P5Q Deluxe, OCZ Reaper 2GB, Windows XP

I read that the Mainboard Asus P5Q Deluxe is not bad.

With this hardware I have only reached 4095MHz by 455 FSB and 1,624 VCore.

The BIOS ist very extensive and has much Options. But I'm not experienced enough to Overclock higher.

My question is: What are the little things that i have to change or the things i have to watch out in the BIOS, that i can more Overclock? because there are so much Options.

I read very much, and i wrote much in other forums, but nobody could giva me an right answer. So i write in this here :)

I hang in note 2 images where you can see my bios (this aren´t my options).

I would like to thank in advance


Yours sincerely Mouse



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Thanks for the Answer. I will do my best, and i hope that i can Overclock more, to improve my own records :D THX fpr the Answer and the Tipp with the PLL ;)




EDIT: I have read that my Motherboard has an FSB-Wall by about 470 MHz FSB. My Question is, if i can crack the FSB wall? Im glad if somebody can help me.

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I think not that there is an wall...


i drive on fsb 500 on air with my P5Q-E


333mhz strap

5-5-5-18 timings on ram with setting to moderate rest auto

vcore 1,4v ( core 2 duo e8200 )

CPU GTL @ 680

NB GTL @ 600

PLL 1,56v

VTT 1,3v ( because wolfdale dont like high VTT )

CPU margin on optimized


i hope i dont forget something ;)


PS: meine ICQ nummer ist 162569487

Good Luck

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