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For sure can change in msconfig, but if you can't find it @GtiJason's method also works.

Also try running IOL's as an equal number, it's usually more stable for me unless running the first IOL looser than the second i.e. 50 50 7 6

I've never seen 50 51 6 7, first for me, must be EVGA magic tweak :D

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With the right mem, the Dark can work well. The only thing that annoys me is that I haven´t found the right settings for HOF A2 Mem jet. G.Skill run perfectly    

Some Scores with CL14 on the DARK https://hwbot.org/submission/4365769_ https://hwbot.org/submission/4310780_ https://hwbot.org/submission/4355878_ https://hwbot.org/submission/431

SA at the moment 1,415 IO 1,365 is enough for these settings on the dark with my cpu. SuperPi with "normal" temperatures ( up to 23°C) are still possible. Geek no more, the mems are too warm for

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7 hours ago, Sparky's__Adventure said:


I did it, guys!

Edit: PB is now 5.52.516, same mem settings as in this post, just better 16k tuning and more aggressive waza.

Looking good man ! Must be nice to have a combo (imc,board,ram) that can do 4133c12-11 1T as well as 4800+ C14-13 2T.
I have a somewhat fussy APEX XI with imc on 8700k not much better that I just recently was able to run 4800c14 after trying far far far more kits than I've ever had to bin for a given setup.
First kit of BDie I bought from Dec 2015 did 4133c12 straight away 1.885v w/ wazza lol. (Edit, MOCF bios set V so about 1.940-1.950v real)
What do you mean by PB ?

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@GtiJasonPB is personal best. 4133 12-11 tight is significantly more difficult to run for me, and even still seems slower. What did you do with your first kit of b-die?

Honestly, any a2 kit that can run 4080 12-11 can also run 4800 14-13. It seems to need a decent bit less vdimm than 4133, likely at the expense of IMC voltage.

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I only use custom watercooling for my 9900ks and the G.Skill are only aircooled ;).

Just have to work on Waza, so that the time will be even better an I will get the same time of Rauf :)

Unfortunately, I can`t run HOF-Mem with 4933, otherwise I would test it :(.




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10 minutes ago, Sparky's__Adventure said:


Expiramenting. All ambient as usual. Ambient 20-25C. Anyone with better mem or imc want to give this a shot?

Wow memory scaling with voltage. Can it run anything or just suicide screen?

Also why twcl 15 with cash 14?

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@l0ud_sil3nc3Can't train twcl 14 for whatever reason. I have seen a few people get twcl 12 working even, somethong just wont work.

4933 14-13 1t has some hope of stability, just a bit too unstable at the moment. I can''t get it to run dual channel yet anyways. 4800 14-12 was tested too, but was still far too unstable.

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2 hours ago, sergmann said:


Yeah, with open window :). It was little bit cooler outside at night. Mem was running at 17°C.

SPI 58/59/7/7

Geek 60/61/9/9

Looks solid there... what SA and IO needed? Your RTLS and IOLS are insane.. have you try your stick running at 25-30 Celcius with those setting?

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