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Hey there First of all I hope everybody out there is healty and safe during this difficult time we have all over the world! I read some strange rumours in some forums out there and received

If I personally had the skill to work on this it would be different already but I simply don't. We hired a coder who has been trying the last weeks and months to work himself into what we have here. I

The bot is not stopping, again it has got nothing to do with non profitable biss transactions. Roman's primary goal was to secure the database. Mission accomplished by him and Eike. Next goal is

That is brilliant! To Roman and Eike..... THANKYOU :)


Every time that I try to check HWBot for any kind of hardware comparison, it is soooooo slllooooowwwwww. I hope that one day the site will be really snappy :)

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Awesome news! I have been aware of HWBot and the community for quite some time, but in terms of actually benching and submitting scores I am a newcomer. I know the overall view of XOC has been declining lately, but for me personally it has been nothing but fun and rewarding to really get into XOC since the ending of last year some time. This news is great that the site will continue to exist and even improve in small ways. I would be in for Patreon and supporting in any way.

Thank you Roman and Eike and all the other mods and staff who up keep the site now! 😄🤙

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Great news.

I have no problem support HWBOT with some paid like Flicker  account etc, if will be needed. I think, HWBOT is only one OC sport web league in the world, so where else to find the right motivation and information?:)

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