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PCM05 is mine you silly Italians -_- ?

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you people are taking this too literally. Gomeler stated in the thread over @ XS it was a joke. its just language barrier making it seem like an insult. Better to maybe ask the person first before making threads?


Well, this one looked pretty clear. The message could've been a joke, but why not use :P or ;-) instead of -__- ? The last one doesn't give ANY hints about a joke, more the opposite.


What language barrier, btw? Is "silly" in Italian some kind of compliment?:confused:

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lol Chris upset italians


common fellas take it easy :P:p:p:p


still remembering that World Cup with that diving penalty against Australians arrrrrrgh :P:p:p j/k


i've met him in person. he's not an asshole but he is giving team hardwaretest a hard time......nothing wrong with a bit of sledging....hipro5 and i do it allllll the time :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

well we just sledge i got no chance competing against him hahahah


this is probably my favourite thread :D



:D peace :nana:

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