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Foxconn X58 Flaming Blade GTI


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does this board need a mod to support xeons like some evga boards do?

i have one that is not booting with westmere xeons of any kind (X,E,W), latest bios i was able to find within a quick search is a spectre / meltdown microcode modded p10 based.

Some google searching tells me that the board is able to run xeons, but are there some different revs? the board is not labled with a  rev.

Someone has got a link to a official bios? all links i found are dead, offical site is down.



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Just bought a second EVGA GTX 670 FTW for SLI. Sure enough it is not working on my old foxconn flaming blade X58 mobo. It will just hang on the logo screen, no mouse or keyboard lights. I have troubleshooted the shit out of this, both of my PCIe slots work alone with both the old and new cards, but together it will not start up. If I clear the CMOS I can get into the bios, but then upon restart from bios it hangs on the logo screen again. I need help, my Google fu has failed, and you are my only hope.blossomfurnishings.com/acrylic-rectangle-dining-table/

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