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Just updated my old good 0088 bios to a latest beta 2004 from Asus website for Re-Size Bar support, and the perfomance of 2004 is worse than 0088. My memory RTL on 0088 was 60-61-6-7 perfectly stable for more than a half of year , and on 2004 i can't train RTL higher than 61-62-7-8 . Are there any better bios with Re-Size Bar support ? Thanks

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With my 10900k, RTL's changed on M12E 2004 (and I assume M12A 2004 too), so what I previously used on all older bioses, 1002, 1003, 070x 060x and so on, 62/62/63/63 //7/7/7/7, for 2x16 GB @ 4400 16/17/37 1.5v, on 2004, when I tried this, the system was wildly unstable, either crashing in BIOS or BSOD/UEFI missing winload error.   Had to use 63/64/8/8 now on M12E 2004.

I am assuming (but do not know for sure) that this applies to newer ones too.

On M13E, I used the exact same RAM settings and 63/64/8/8 with 10900k, as I did on M12E 2004, and it was just as stable (just needed 20mv lower bios voltage due to less vdroop/new VRM/intersil at same LLC).  No problems. Same ODT's too (80/48/40).

With 11900k RKL and M13E, everything's different.  At 4266 16/17/37, some of the tighter terts that worked on 10900k just fine cause a massive drop in speeds, (I think trdrd=5 is bad on this) so those have to be loosened.  the ODT's also caused instability, 80/48/40 was no longer stable, but Auto was fine.  Either manual RTL's don't work, at least no one has figured out how to make them work.  RTL Init no longer works at all.  "Round Trip Latency Timing" Training algorithm does work though.

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