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Comet Lake core i5-7-9 Batch and Serial numbers thread

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Interesting side note... My cold scared chip can take fullpot in single thread mode.

Edit: Forgot I have a new chip for OP

X017F504 -- CB R15 5.3Ghz  1.46Vcore (AIO, high v but 78c)  - 6730 Geek3 LN2        - Mllrkllr88

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5.3/4.7 (5.0 cache is fine no volt bump) @1.305 LLC7, point of dim ret as 1.40+ ish to do 5.4
0088 bios on Apex XII
mems holding me back atm, the pic shows daily but 14 13 13 tight at 4666 is waza stable. 4800 c14 tight eludes me still.
batch X025F655. SP-67

I reckon SP is just a diversion that's making us miss how we are gettin done somehow.... :D welll..... it sure as xxxx don't mean squat phht

proof pic now in



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I have a new batch of 10700kf, x30f171. 5.2 GHz at 1.325-1.33 but not luck with mem controller then it's not stable with ram at 4.2 cl16.

Cache at 47x and 1.030 vccsa.

The CPU is comeback from Intel ptpp service


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i have one strange 10900k. Bios 0707 Apex xii  gives me CB at -120 RSVD off...RSVD on gives me 55 at -140 no mem OC.

Bios 0088 Fullpot without RSVD but no Benchmark above 6,4 Ghz.....chip is binned for 6,87 Ghz R15 on Extreme xii


any thoughts or solutions ?



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On 2/18/2021 at 2:46 AM, sabishiihito said:

Consistently SP 63, that's for sure.

i dont hold much stock in that lol, I'm on a sp67 5.3 locked daily with 4.7 cache thats achievable at 1.305V under high load, a tad more if i go 49+ cache. seen higher SP do less.... just saying. I know it's about the harry potter algorithm but ok.. I'm yet to be head soothed about the IMC howeve..


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