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ROG_se7en - Core i9 9960X @ 6200MHz - 12809 marks Cinebench - R20

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Just now, FireKillerGR said:

ok so cpu just runs full pot or what? :) 
feel free to give info to make this believable till you re-run with benchmate

n fact, I wasted a lot of liquid nitrogen in the first eight hours and broke a main board. This 9960x is selected from a large number of CPUs

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i reckon the runs were on video too, for sure , and i know its a lifecam icon coz i have a lifecam and its the same icon, there was  a lifecam icon in the task bar  that i saw and was posted in the screenshot, 2nd from the right in the task bar is the lifecam icon






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On 5/7/2020 at 2:27 PM, ROG_se7en(Banned) said:

Cinebench R20-right click - properties - compatibility - DPI disable, it will take less desktop space(cpuz is 125%DPI),that can make screenshot more beautiful.No overlap:D


My face when the shopper actually teaches you something useful.




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