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ROG Crosshair VII Hero LN2 BIOs?

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I've been using the newest BIOs 3004 but was wondering if there's a LN2 specific one available?

I know there's a few experts on here that know all about Ryzen at sub zero temps. I'm currently working on R5 3600. Noticed there's some CB & CBB issues, with my CPU it wont boot if below -70c and system attempts to reboot if drops below -170c.. at which point I get q-code 07. I can only get my system to boot when RAM is at 3000MHz instead of rated 3600MHz.


Any help or tips would be much appreciated.

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Maybe you can look up into the Crosshair VIII Thread, the variable & step / workaround is similar.
07 is Fabric (IF / FCLK) issues, when cold FCLK has CB / CBB you must mess with vSOC, VDDP & lower FCLK clock to compromise within the performance & CB.

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The CH7 the latest bioses are fine, if you have CB at -170 try to raise SOC voltage in a range between 1.40 to 1,6V but try first at 1,4V and flck at 1400, raise step by step the flck until the CB, then raise the soc gradually to 1,6 and if the CB persist is just the limit, if it goes at 1.6 raise again the flck to the max limit, then do the CPU frequency limit at full pot with the flck value you found.

Always keep the ram at 1:1 for best results, for 1600 flckI use 3200mhz C10 or C11 ram 

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