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19 hours ago, Falkentyne said:

They are the same setting.

I've seen several "sub" parameters for that setting with absolutely no documentation on it on some laptops, I think I saw three looking at a MSI laptop BIOS with AMIBCP 5.02.

I only remember a 0, 1 and 2 however.  Or perhaps the 'first' one had recommended values of a 0,1,2 on some strange Asus BIOS and the second was like 5,6,7 I honestly don't know or remember.  hard to remember bios settings with absolutely no documentation.

Ok I found it.

DLLBwen[0] for 1067 (0...7)  -->failsafe: 0, Optimal: 0

DLLBwen[1] for 1333 (0...7)  -->failsafe:0, Optimal: 1

DLLBwen[2] for 1600 (0...7)  -->failsafe:0, Optimal: 2

DLLBwen[3] for1867 and up (0..7)  -->failsafe:0, Optimal: 2

Don't ask me what any of that means.

Here's a tad more info on what it does. It existed on z390 but not everyone knew much about it.




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I'm trying the Patriot Viper steel 4000 cl19 to go to 4266 cl 19 but for a moment they are fine managing to make a cache menu aida64 but at the first crash I can't even boot anymore. under whatever voltage I try it doesn't work, using only the main timings

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