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One day you will get caught


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  • Crew

Short story 2nd time this month we experience lousy photoshopping. This member got reported numerous times for not respecting the new 2020 rules, meaning cpuz 1.91 version or newer, no clipping, etc.... On top of that  his reputation did not help and many were watching his every move.

I moderated all the reported scores yesterday , to my big surprise to see some of them popping up today with guess what:  Added taskbar, CPUZ version visible and reworked GPUZ....

I admit though a few scores were neatly (re)done, too bad for him many had flaws that even my kid detected.

Though I asked one respected member to pull one screenie through his photoshop to have 200% confirmation that the verification screenshot was messed with.

The original remastered: (obvious better font in the 3rd CPUZ and top GPUZ)



The photshop analysis: light pink means added to the existing screenshot



Now I don't get it as he has the save file and could have redone the scores/screenshots as he's on chilled water. Yet he got sloppy while remastering the originals...


Well it was fun having you around, but it is time to say goodbye.. 





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10 minutes ago, chispy said:

Finally justice was served. Thank you. It was a matter of time.

Always felt something was just off about the scores but couldn't pinpoint what. Many times I was chasing him down and just not quite getting there and not able to figure out what I was missing. 


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  • Crew
10 minutes ago, Mythical tech said:

While he definitely cheats how accurate is fotoforensics? I just did a cinebench run on my laptop and uploaded it to fotoforensics and it put cpuz and the rankings bar in pink 

on this specific case it was just a confirmation on which parts were modified by the banned user. The suspicion arose when the new subbed score  was the same  and the screenshot almost identical than the original one. 

Fotoforensics is not standard routine nor decisive

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This person Slinky supercomputer is Veniamin Ioan Oprea, (Human slinky costume) former performer, he is full of lie and not surprisingly was banned from the website here. 

During his so called "artistic" career, this guy stole costume idea from Swiss theatre company then he made IP rights in the US and was trying to sue Swiss company for using this costume, just imagine that! After this for many years he intimidated artists from all over the world, demanded money, filing claims, deleting accounts and confiscating costumes from fellow artists. He ruined few contracts of the artists who was desperate for job. Such a liar! Great he is banned here. All the best!

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