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ASUS Update Check on ASUS Maximus XI Gene

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Hello everybody , I got a Maximus XI Gene recently and after several attempts to backup some older images from M9A or M10A for either Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 (which I curently use as I find it faster than any Win10 edition) or fresh install of the mentioned OS'es I cannot get rid of the very annoying by now Asus Update Check (part of ASUS Armoury Crate) , no matter if I install it when asked about it or cancel it. It will auto install no matter what and each time I reboot or shut down the PC it takes up to 10 seconds untill it stops the service and execute the command. I uninstalled the live update , I disabled the service from services.msc , I even delete the file itself from the system32 folder inside Windows folder to no success . Each time I reboot/turn on the PC the service gets back and is automatically enabled regardless of whatever previous action I did. It became really annoying to me especially since there is no option to turn on/off to my choice , to the use choice , these forced stuff I hate so much. If I knew about this I swear I wouldn't buy an ASUS board if this service is available on Apex XI as well , I would've searched for a Z390 Dark ! Anybody tried succesfully to turn off this service somehow for these boards and if so how did you do it ? If I won't find any solution any time soon , I will sell it for sure. Thank you in advance for any eventual replies or for any suggestions.


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Do you have it disabled in the bios? I have an Apex and it doesn't install anything if I disable Armoury Crate in the bios. It is set to enabled if left on default. It is under Tool on the Apex.

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4 hours ago, bscool said:

It is under Tool on the Apex

Thank you ! I didn't read the manual (to my shame) so had no idea about the tool tab in the BIOS , it is there , I disabled , I restored an image and all's good , I was getting really annoyed by it and it was such an easy solve.

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