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Intel Q6600 overclocking


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Hello, i'm new here, i will buy a sunbeam core contact freezer( max 1 week ), and try to get the processor at 3.6 ghz, what voltage can i put...i'm a noob child .


I done a 3 ghz with stock cooling with 1.3 V but 50-60 C idle ...


PC Specs :



HD 4870 Gainward GS

Corsair 550 W

WD 3200 AAKS

4 GB Corsair CL5 @ CL4

and of course...Q6600

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Currently 3.51 GHz and 1.45 vcore (idle) or 1.40 (max load for 24 hours with dual orthos).


Yeah I wouldn't suggest oc with stock cooler because it won't do good when you start benchmarking or playing. I suggest to look some silent pc reviews to select good cooler or something. I'm using kinda unknown NorthQ 3340WLA Extreme


Edit: Also is your Q6600 G0 or B3 revision? G0 generates less heat and ocs better

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First time posting, and I'm quite new to overclocking. I have a Q6600/Gigabyte UD3P/Xigmatek HDT-S1283, and was able to reach 3.000Ghz just by increasing the FSB to 333. Didn't have to increase any voltages.


But going beyond that point was another story. After much trial and error it is now stable at 3.258Ghz. FSB set to 362, SPD to 2.40B, CPU Vcore to 1.325, and MCH at 1.24.


Even if I could get it stable beyond this point, it would apparently be running too hot to tolerate anyway.

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