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[FS] [EU] Benching DDR3 (PSC, G-die & Micron)

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For sale are some DDR3 rejects from me clearing out recently. Will also have a Giga AM3 motherboard, LGA775 rejects, and some DDR2 eventually.

  1. 2x 2GB G.Skill Ripjaws 1600C7 PSC sticks (2666C8 32M tight: 1.915V, 1.920V with RCD 13) - £40.
  2. 3x 2GB G.Skill Trident 2000C9 PSC sticks (2600C8 32M tight: 1.925V, 1.930V, 1.935V) - £30.
  3. 5x 1GB Samsung 1066C9 G-die sticks (valid freq: 1759MHz, 1788MHz, 1745MHz, 1791MHz, 1817MHz) - £10.
  4. 4x 1GB Patriot 1333C7/1600C7 Micron sticks (1600C7 32M tight:1.87V, 1.85V, 1.90V, 1.87V) - £20.
  • Voltages quoted are all real volts during 32M. Example screenshot for tight PSC timings is given below.
  • G-die sticks were booted into OS lower and then bclock increased and valids saved until it crashed - this was at 1.60V (BIOS set).
  • I struggled with the Microns, and was getting random shut downs in BIOS and OS while trying to get higher frequency to pass 32M. But this was on LGA1150 and not the optimal platform for testing Micron.

All items are located in the UK and can be shipped in Europe (potentially worldwide if discussed) via Royal Mail Tracked & Signed For. Roughly £3 in UK and £8 EU.

Your OC results will vary according to many factors, these results are included as a guideline.










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