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Maxmem info?

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Hey everyone!


Pretty new here and am looking to take my memory OC up a notch! I know maxmem limits the memory used by windows so you can push high voltage an tight timings, but is there a guide or additional information I should know? Any info is appreciated!

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12 hours ago, Midnight703 said:

Thanks for the information! sounds like its best to play with the number some and figure out what OCs best for the rig?

Are you talking about DDR4 platforms ? Anyways maxmem is broken in some versions of windows, usually Windows 10 so you will want to use this method
Run CMD as Admin and type:

bcdedit /set removememory 11264

This will leave you with  5120mb or 5gb (using 16gb kit), and as Keep said good setting for 3dMark Firestrike and newer 3d
3dM01 - 06, 11, Vantage, Heaven, AM3 etc can use less like 3gb
To restore memory back to full 16gb just run CMD as admin again and type

bcdedit /deletevalue removememory

Other maxmem settings, Super Pi or Max mem freq on XP32 = 600 - 640mb
Geekbench 3, CBR 11.5/15, GPU Pi for CPU, wPrime/PiFast here or above setting: 1.9 - 2.2gb
HWBot X265: either no maxmem or around 7-8GB if having hard time getting good OC at around 1.6v ish
Point is you can get away running 600mb, 3gb, 5gb, 8gb and no maxmem set for most benchmarks

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On 2020/7/5 at 午前9時8分, GtiJason said:

DDR4プラットフォームについて話しているのですか?とにかく、maxmemはWindowsの一部のバージョン(通常はWindows 10)で壊れているため、このメソッドを使用する必要があります。

。bcdedit/ set removememory 11264


bcdedit / deletevalueremovememoryと入力し

ます。 XP32でのPiまたは最大メモリ周波数= 600-640mb
Geekbench 3、CBR 11.5 / 15、CPU用GPU Pi、wPrime / PiFastここまたは上記の設定:1.9-2.2gb
HWBot X265:約1.6v ish

You can just reduce the maximum memory value from msconfig.

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I'm not sure if it is still the case, but removememory command has another advantage over maxmem from msconfig.

If you set a maxmem value and want to increase it, then you need to delete the old value first, then reboot, set the larger value and reboot again.

However, if you have clocked your B-Die with high voltage it would BSOD after first reboot (full memory capacity) and you have to reduce the clock/voltage.

With removememory you can simply set a new value and reboot.

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