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keeph8n's 1st Annual Community Giveback Competition


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Alright well I have come to the conclusion I want to do a competition once a year. A way to give back to the community and support those who have supported me in my career here at HWBOT.


For the first competition I am doing, we are going to say farewell to socket 1151. This comp is completely open to any generation of 1151(Z170-Z390). It will be limited to NON EXOTIC COOLING ONLY(air, water, chilled etc). You must also have never used LHe, LN2, Dice, Cascade, or SS before.

We are currently looking at 5 stages and letting this run for 30-60 days.

  • GPUPi for CPU v3.2 - 1B w/ Benchmate, limited to 4 cores, no Hyperthreading ( disabling cores is allowed)
  • Cinebench R15 w/ Benchmate per core
  • wPrime 1024M w/ Benchmate, limited to 4 cores, no Hyperthreading ( disabling cores is allowed)
  • SuperPi 32M w/ Benchmate
  • PiFast w/ Benchmate


You will be limited to 15C at idle monitored by Benchmate and scores will be divided on a per core basis for the Cinebench stage and limited to 4 cores for GPUPI and Wprime,  this to make it even between different core count CPUs on this socket


Prizes! Yes, you heard that right. There will be prizes. They will vary from competition to competition, but I want to help those who are new as a way to get into XOC, as I was helped when I started out.


  • 1st Place: Kingpin Cooling TREX LN2 Container(Winner gets color choice) + $100 USD
  • 2nd Place: Kingpin Cooling Inferno Backplate + $50 USD
  • 3rd Place: Kingpin Cooling 30G KPX Paste + $25 USD

Random Drawn prizes will consist of different Kingpin Cooling products and more.....


Splave has just offered up some cash prizes as well!!!! Added to original post


Sunny from OCN has offered up a NVME SSD as a random giveaway! HP SSD EX900 M.2 120gb. Thank you for the awesome prize!






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15 minutes ago, Mr.Scott said:

Very generous. You are a hero.

I cannot participate because I have used extreme before, but I will send some w9'ers that haven't.

Party on. ;)

Thanks @Mr.Scott!

So many of you have helped me when I was fresh, this is just my way of saying thanks!

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3 hours ago, Kona64 said:

This guy is a fucking champ! Keep up the great work keep :D:D❤️ 

Class act all the way, was very helpful and didn't mind going out of his way if you needed something. 
I'm glad I was able to meet him in person at least once - And hopefully will do so again soon!

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One final update I think and we should be square on everything. 


As I posted we have a ton of stuff coming up for grabs to get new people involved in this hobby as much as we can and to help those who have not been able to make the push into LN2/DICE, get over that hill

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