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F1 Dark Mod for more performance


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Hey guys,

during the development of my ln2 pot I modified a Kingping F1 Dark to see if I where right with an assumption. 

I connected the 4 inner holes of the pot with an cnc mill. I let a pillar in the middle standing. 

The results where really good. @P5ych0 tested the Pot bevor and after the modification on his i9 9900ks.


The pot maintains the tempreature under load much better (looses 3°C less than bevor) and is able to push the chip to 6.9Ghz in cb r15.  

Bevor the modification 6.86 ish where the max the pot could handle.

Picture of the mod:



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4 hours ago, zeropluszero said:

I mean I'd call 3 degrees and 20mhz in margin of error for mounting but you do you. 

Yeah 20mhz would be margin of error but its 40 mhz and it was tested not just once. So I am pretty sure it helped. At least the pot isn't worse than bevor and anyone who might consider doing this to their F1 will have a small benefit ?

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