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Broken APEX49

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2 hours ago, GTI-R said:

Participants need to understand the rules more

everywhere that this contest has been posted I've been monitoring so that I can help anyone and everyone who has questions.


If there are people who don't understand, please send them my way

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First i want to thanks keeph8n for this competition open to non extreme cooling.

But there is an obvious issue with the score calculation. Righ now high core count cpu get double bonus in 2/5 stages (GPUPI and WPrime, where lower scores are better and multithreaded, when divised by the number of cores this increase the initial lower time advantage of high core count CPU). If the point is to remove the core count from the competition then this formula will work only for cb15 (highter score is better so you can divise the score). For GPUPI and WPrime you need to multiply the time by the number of cores instead.

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12 minutes ago, Nwalm said:

I am not here for long but its strange that this is the first occurence of this issue. Thanks anyway ;)

this is probably one of the reason we never did per core for these particular benchmarks. Thx for the input!



Due to a limitation in the competition engine we have to adjust the rules for the GPUPI and WPrime stage. Current format was incorrect as spotted by Nwalm.


Therefore for the WPRIME and GPUPI stage a 4 Core max rule is being imposed and no Hyperthreading allowed. Disabling cores is allowed

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