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Parts being used 

lg 1/2 hp r410 compressor free from an ac on the side of the road. 

Condenser from the same ac 0$

Evaporator made from 5 pipe caps 10$

Bronze flexible suction line dn6 8$

SUD 111 filter dryer 6$

Copper :5$

Brazing stuff: 7$


Total cost: 36$

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17 minutes ago, Leeghoofd said:

now I know why he wanted to have a seperate SS thread 😛

I plan to post lots of things like this and don't want to flood to other sections with my random projects. I would post on xtremesystems but I do not think it will be around much longer. Make phase change great again .

25 minutes ago, ground1556 said:

I'm intrigued and slightly terrified.

Nothing to be terrified about. All the parts will be pressure tested to 30 bar and are all meant for these pressures and temps. It will be a piece of shit for performance but it will be safe. I have pressure tested the bronze line to the max of my n2 tank which is 50 bar I think . 

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