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HWBOT Benchmark Rules simplification

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like many noticed the rules were hit and miss over the last week, mainly due to an issue wth the Amazon hosting and the Wordpress server HWBot still uses for articles and especially the hated rules section.

So time to have a look at the curent rules and try to simplify them. So everyone can have fun again without the requirement of being a NASA engineer to analyse and understand them.


An example of Maxon's Cinebench R15:


Old rules:




versus new rules:



No more loss of time debating over the ability to be able to push the bclock , FSB, or whatever you want to call it. Thus no more distinction between desktops/laptops,.... one simple rule for all platforms.


I prefer this far simpler layout, covering the standard stuff.

General warning: Rules can remain this simple if everyone abides them. If people start bending again, we will end up for some benchmarks with twice
                                the amount of content again. So play it nice to keep everyone's life as easy and straightforward as possible.


You can check out the other benchmarks via the frontpage. 'BVoth the old and new proposed rule are present. Keep in mind that the Beta benchmarks are not redone yet, but you will get the global idea.

Opinions, thoughts are welcome. Don't worry updated screenshot examples will be added too.



Remember the aim is to make these rules easier understandable for everyone. 

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