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[FS] everything I own


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15 hours ago, GRIFF said:

I'm sorry you decided to quit.  I always used your results as a starting point.

I bin to try to get hardware "as good as TaPaKaH's" ūüėĀ. As somebody just getting started in benching and binning, thank you so much for all the data you've put out there over the years. You've done an invaluable service to the OC community. Your name is synonymous with insane scores to me. Sad to see you retire but completely understand, good luck out there

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21 hours ago, TaPaKaH said:
  • Quite frankly, the hobby became a plain battle of resources. With the level of socket 775 CPU's that I am at, my most important resource are X48 motherboards, which are difficult to find, let alone for a reasonable price. With the amount of people searching these on German marketplaces, you either have to message the seller within the first 10 minutes or offer a price that is well into triple digits to even stand a chance of ever getting a reply.

    What makes the situation worse, is the extremely poor build quality of Rampage Extremes (aka by far the most commonly sold X48 board). After losing my entire stock (4 pcs) over a short timespan (2-3 weeks) without doing anything even remotely dangerous (and it wouldn't be my first similar occurrence), I got simply too pissed with the whole situation and decided to call it a day. So, "Many thanks to ASUS", I guess.

Not sure if I got this right but you quit over shitty X48 boards for 775 CPUs after all this time while G80 binning, CPU binning and a lot other stuff happened...the nail on the coffin was 4 REs dying...the only one who could hug you right now is stummerwinter :P

I acutally hated the 775 + DDR3 times...damn I was fuming seeing my DDR2 builds with some GB boards went *poof* score-wise (not hw-wise...they were ROCKSTABLE) when I was just about getting somewhere...could make something out of IvyBridge (with a lot time + money) and then the "material war" kicked in HEAVILY AGAIN...ahhh well, I'm way beyond the point you are at now...age 35+ and two kids...overclocking ain't a good hobby at all then...better doing some tim taylor home building and alan titmarsch-stuff now ;)

All the best whatever you are going to do in the future, just leaving a virtual farewell here and saying it was an honor sharing many years of hobby with you and never forget the great times we had!

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Thanks for all the kind words guys, both in this thread and in private :)

Adding to what I said, the last 5 years just didn't feel like the hobby I fell in love with. There are no more events where you can actually meet people and bench random stuff alongside. The community is far too scattered across multiple platforms (forums, youtube, facebook) and it seems that 99%+ of current "legacy benchers" would rather own the hardware than extract scores out of it. Recently losing so many X48 boards (especially the good ones) was a really big disappointment that threw me back 5-10 years. The last straw that broke the camel's back was being scammed by one Wilhelm Sänger trying to find a replacement.

I guess enough complaining for now. It's been fun while it lasted :)

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19 hours ago, Perica_barii said:

So sad to hear you leave like this. Wish you all the best in your next live stage ( binning girls ? ).......


p.s. fuck how did I miss this sale ..huh...

Binning a girl is not that Easy as binning hardware :D

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