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[EU] Tek9 Fat, ASUS OC Panel, Bitspower DDR5/DDR4 Heatsinks, Celeron G4920, GPUS


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Hello Guys,
have some things for sale:


- 3090 -- EK-Quantum Vector² Strix RTX 3080/90 D-RGB - Nickel + Plexi
Bought in February, switched to 4090 not needed anymore
was 2 months in use, like new.

Price: 60 €


 -  HOT 300 Heater + Controller
Comes with Heater and Controller, Pads, Screws etc..

Price: 45 €


 - EVC2V4 First Generation
Just the thing, with display, no cables

Price: 25 €



- G4920 Boxed for Sale.
Tested once on Ambient, like new.
No scores, not tested for OC

Price: 25 €


- Bitspower DDR4 Heatspreader
New never used, comes with screws/pads

Price: 40 €


- Bitspower DDR5 Single-Sided Heatspreader
Spare kit, new never used, comes on op.

Price: 50 €

Items Location are in EU / Austria
Shipping Worldwide Possible if buyer takes care about Shipping Costs.

Shipping Within EU: 15€ - 24€ depends on Package Size.
Shipping US/Australia: € 49 EMS

















Original Cable and comes with Elmorlabs Adaptercable for Z390/490/590
No Display Issues, LN2 Sensors both working.

Price: 25 €    SOLD

- TEK-9 FAT HWBOT Edition
Limited HWBOT.org Edition, comes with all Mounts that available, surface lapped
will add a kingpin thermprobe

Price: 180,00 €    SOLD

- Universal GPU Waterblocks
One from EK and an China one, both tight.

Price: 30 €   SOLD

GTX 280 Bundle
No Coolers, full with Vaseline, OVP Mod
Price: 50 €

- MSI Hawk 5770
Fully modded (mem, vcore) + dipped used for the competition back then, very good card that scale cold.

Price: 75 €


- Single Stage Unit from Nachtfalke for Sale.

Original Specs: unit specs: 14000BTU rollkolben / ~23ccm displacement ; 1,5kw ECO Condenser mit 250mm fan ; 20 gram alco trockner ; 1mm kappilar (lenght secret ) ; evaporator 42mm diam /45mm tall kompatibel mit allem intel cpus und amd 939 , AM2 ,AM3 ; suction line 120cm lang ; baseplate 40 x50cm multiplex with vier gumyfüße , ich kann also integreded digital thermometer 4 digits . at 450w heat load denke -35 , 350W -42 -45 , slight loads -55 -62

Used primarly for Sandybridge and Legacy GPU back then, comes with all Mounts for CPU, GPU and some custom printed Brackets for some legacy GPUs with special mounting holes.
Great Unit for Legacy Stuff, Unit was build 01/2020 ~ so 2 1/2 years old

shipping possible but personal pickup preferred because of the weight

Price: 500 €   SOLD

- Kingpin Venom POT
Like on Pictures without mounts.

Price: 80 €   SOLD

GTX 480 Waterblock - 30€
- Zotac GTX 460 new Pads, Waterblock, excellent condition - 45€


- Armaflex AF-1 15mm ID, DSD 8mm
around 6meter total length

Price: 25 €    SOLD

 -  HOT 300 Heater + Controller
Got an Spare one, that i never used
New, comes with Heater and Controller, Pads, Screws etc..

Price: 50 €    SOLD

- EVGA Epower
Comes in original packaging

Price: 50 €    SOLD

- Kingpin TEK-9 ICON V5
Like new, comes in op and with additional Bracket for Legacy Cards.

Price: 200 € SOLD

-Elmorlabs PMD for Sale.
Resoldered Shunts for better reading, but i have no usage for it.

Price: 35 €   SOLD

- EKWB Monarch x4 with 1 Heatspreater Kit for Sale.
Comes with an pair of Heatsinks, prepared for single die memory with an foam tape (can be removed)

Price: 50 € SOLD

- Intel I3-3330 for Sale.
Tested once on Ambient, like new.
No scores, not tested for OC
Price: 20 €   SOLD

#1 - 5.5 R20 1.39V on an Apex - IMC can boot 7400 air - 6070 LN2
Price: 150 €

#2 - 5.5 R20 1.41V on an Apex - IMC can boot 7350 air - 5700 LN2
Price: 65 €   SOLD

1x INTEL 12900KS  -    SP90 (P97, E76)
CPU does 54/43/45 1.252v cb20 - IMC trains 7600+ air
ln2 - 6850 cb20 - 6900 gb3 - cold imc 7900+ easy
53p/45c/42e  /   1.230 LLC7 / 1.181v
54p/45c/42e /    1.315 LLC7 / 1.252v
€ 750 shipped EU   Sold

3x 2GB Corsair CMT6GX3M3A2000C8
Did 1150 7-70-7-27-15 1.70v , 1170+ 8-12-8-28 1.88v on sandy back then.
Price: 30 €        SOLD

- GSKILL 2x 16GB Dualrank - F4-4000C16D-32GTZR
Strong dualrank kit did 4800c14 on z490 1.92v, 4050 12-12 on z590 1.98v
Price: 300 €   SOLD

- DimasTech Benchtable NANO
have no accessories, comes like on pictures (mobo mount + atx + 1 fanarm (120mm)) (can give 3d printed adapter for 140mm fans as well)
Price: 50 €     SOLD

- ASUS MAXIMUS APEX XI Z390 + 9900K Delidded.
Board seen cold before it worked 1 1/2 years in daily, pulled for new Build.
Comes with all Accessories, without BOX.
9900K is delidded, does 5.1 at reasonable Voltages.
Price: 230 €   180,00€ Mainboard   SOLD

- Legacy GPUS

As Bundle
560ti with vid mod, gtx 480 no mods
gtx285 vmod + waterblock, gtx260 mem/vmod ready to go
gtx 460 no mod, gtx 570 no mod
gtx 285 vmod

all cards should be working.
€ 60,00    SOLD

- Various Celeron Sandy Chips for Sale.
Traversed around 4KG Sandy Celerons, thats the best i kept.
g550 i
g620 iiii
g630 i
g640 ii
g470 iii
g860 i
g840 ii
g2030 i
g530 i
15 Chips, Only as Full Tray Bundle.
Price: 100 €

- Asus Maximus V Extreme for Sale.
Great Board, seen SingleStage is a bit dipped around the Socket.
Just Board, no Accessories.
Comes with random Socket Protector CPU.
Price: 130 €   100,00 € + the Tray of Celerons for Free.

Ambient 52/46 1.350-1.360 Load ~ 70-75C - SP 77 not tested cold.
Price: 500 €    SOLD

1 of 2 Boxed for Sale, tested short cold for multi/single.

Ambient both Chips very smiliar
52/46 1.350-1.360 Load ~ 70-75C

SP77 - 6450 cb20 / 6920+spi SOLD
SP80 - 6410 cb20 / 6900+spi SOLD
Price: 535 € each            SOLD

- AMD 5800X BOXED for Sale.
Tested on ambient, seen SS once
Results are here: https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?userId=13809&cpuId=6349
Price: 380 €             SOLD

- AMD 3600XT BOXED for Sale.
Selling my GB3 WR Chip, does 1900FCLK Fullpot, buyer became all Voltages/Temp i noted.
Chip from that Result -> https://hwbot.org/submission/4577259_noizemaker_geekbench3___multi_core_ryzen_5_3600xt_44508_points
Price: 240 €        SOLD

- AMD 3100 BOXED for Sale.
Tested once on Ambient, like new.
No scores, not tested for OC
Price: 90 €             SOLD

- ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero for Sale.
Board is New, Untouched and came with all Accessories.
Forgot i had a 2nd order :D i already have one and dont need the spare Board.
Warranty etc all avaible..

Price: 510 €         SOLD

- Asus P5E3 Premium for Sale.
Bought from Tapakah back then, comes with 2 Mem Profiles what board was capable.
Board is Dipped and NB is delidded and Direct Die Cooled..
Just Board, only Shield and Soundcard as Accessory.

Price: 30 €        SOLD

- Intel 2500K for Sale.
5.7 Ghz Capable Chip
Results: https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?userId=13809&cpuId=2289

Price: 60 €        SOLD

- AMD 5600X BOXED for Sale.
Tested on ambient, seen SS once
Results are here: https://hwbot.org/search/submissions/permalink?userId=13809&cpuId=6350

Price: 340 €        SOLD

- Intel 8700K

Pulled from Daily 1.280v 50/48, Delidded LM applied, IHS Colored from LM, not seen cold, ideal daily cpu, 5.5 singlecore clock, imc great for daily stuff as well

Price: € 180,00 SOLD

- GAINWARD GeForce RTX 3090 Phoenix GS for Sale.
Tested, comes in OVP with Invoice
Price: 1750 €    SOLD

- 10900KA BOXED for Sale. - SP78
WATER CB15 53/50 ~ 1.310V
LN2 CB15 ~6750 ~ 1.64v
maybe this Chip better for ambient benching as cold, passed all 3D Benchmarks with 53/50 so far.
imc seams not bad passed 2440 14-14 geek/spi under cold

Price: 575 €      SOLD

- GSKILL F4-4000C17D-32GTRSB - 2x 16GB
Comes in OVP, Manufactured Aug 2020
Have to bin some other 16GB Kits first.. 4400c17 was possible with a quick test at 1.55v

Price: € 240,00      € 220,00    SOLD

- GALAX HOF 4000CL19 - 2x8GB KIT
A0 Kit, tested once after i buyed it for some 4000 12-12 on Apex XI no tests beside that..

Price: € 80,00    SOLD

- GSKILL F4-3200C14D-16GTZR - 2x8GB KIT
One of my first Kits, did all the 4000 12-12/12-11 fun upto 2.070v

Price: € 100,00    SOLD

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