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7 hours ago, yosarianilives said:

Because it prevents cheat :P

More realistically probably because people can't figure out how to get it to work, because they like to run super stripped os so installing prerequisites like dotnet and updates on w7 scares them

Isn't the shit part of having to fight some stupid programs to get them to work a part of oc?
Ofc it will be much nicer if every mandatory program will just work out of the box, but we have to use what we got.
We should try to prevent cheats as much as we can

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14 minutes ago, Mythical tech said:

Unless they are a big name then the rules don't matter which one of the issues. 

If there are people getting a get out of jail free card because of who they are, then nothing implemented will matter anyway. So why bother.

I would rather have GPUPI 4.0 than fucking Bitchmate.

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4 hours ago, unityofsaints said:

I've had it fail on completely stock images, you've obviously not used it enough...

That's because you didn't install prerequisites. I do think maybe it would be helpful if instead of just a self unzipping archive it had an actual installer that installs prerequisites similar to most full fledged programs, so it comes packaged with vs, and dotnet, etc. And maybe even prepackaged the w7 update you need to install for cryptographic. 

But in general my experience has been 100% of people who can't figure it out are user error. 

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So anyways, enough unproductive arguing about benchmate. So far the ideas people have come up with for stages are: 

AMD ycruncher 1b 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 core cpus or alternatively if am3 is too old then we can do 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 core amd

Port Royal x number of scores

7 zip no hedt

x265 1080p allendale (seems old for CC to me), x265 4k sandy bridge, x265 1080p single core 5x cpus (no socket limitations, can use socket twice), x265 1080p 4 core no HT

I think any ONE x265 stage would be good and a staple 

AMD Sempron cpu number of sockets (seems like at best am3 is barely new enough)

Cine R20 Dual Core

Memory frequency all out per socket (2x AMD, 2x Intel) either do only ddr4, only ddr3, or both. (1x amd, 1x intel ddr3, 1x amd, 1x intel ddr4)

HEDT slug fest, no holds barred x265 4k, ycruncher 10b, gpupi 1b,m anything else that's demanding and scales to high core counts

Potentially Benchmate stages


So that's not a ton of ideas thrown out, especially cause tbh I would expect at least a third of them to be automatically thrown out for a CC. Another thing, I notice that nobody is suggesting 3d stages outside of my one suggestion of port royal, so either we're trusting leeg to pull some 3d stages out of his ass or nobody in this forum wants to touch 3d with a 10ft pole. Personally I think 6 stages sounds good, 3x 2d and 3x 3d, would be very traditional for  a country cup.


If I had to suggest a 3d stage I'd say do something like Firestrike Extreme but make it pascal and turing only.

also fuckit, let's do another igp stage. amd apu timespy

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2 hours ago, Noxinite said:

Well we can't use Catzilla for obvious reasons. I also note the suspicious amount of AM3 stages, I wonder if someone has a preference. :D

If you really want to troll people, then Conroe bclock...

Funny thing is the only am3 stage I suggested is ycruncher 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and only 1, 3, 5 would be am3 the rest you'd want Am4. 

I suspose maybe the single core stage, but I'm not sure sempron would be one of the top 5 chips for x265. 

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1 hour ago, yosarianilives said:

Perhaps there are more issues with nm currently than I have seen. But I think we shouldn't derail this thread further arguing it, let's discuss more stages. I personally think a BM stage would be good, but I think we shouldn't do all stages from BM as this is country cup not bench mate cup. 

Won't make any difference to you anyway as the US hasn't been a contender in a decade. :P

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BenchMate doesn't need .NET btw and runs ootb for Windows 8, 10 and even 7 if you have the latest updates installed.

If you have a nlited Windows 7 or older version, you will need the SHA2 patch to verify signed executables. I was not able to buy a SHA1 certificate (that would run with any Windows 7 version ootb) as nobody offers one anymore. SHA1 is end-of-life because it is no longer deemed as a secure solution. That's true for web and for code singing. So if you want to use 7, please install the SHA2 update.

All other prerequisites are needed by the benchmarks, not BenchMate.

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